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Two luxury houses with pools basements and separate apartments

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These are two buildings, (houses) on a plot of 4300m2 with two swimming pools and finished exterior areas. The first house is 120m2 with an additional basement of 100m2. The second house is 90m2 with an additional basement of 40m2. The basements are completely finished and they are separate apartments.

Two pools and nice paved areas with stone, terraced gardens, a stone wall around the plot that makes the border of the property very obvious and very good views. Garages and BBQ areas.

Price includes the interior extras like Jacuzzi bath tubs; granite counters on the kitchen marble fireplaces, granite tiles etc. And the exterior work like the surrounding walls, the terraced gardens, the pools, the covered BBQ areas, the stone paved floors etc.

The total surface of the buildings is approx 345m2.

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