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105 sqm Villa in Paleloni

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The code works by awarding new homes a star rating from 1 to 6, based on their performance against 9 sustainability criteria which are combined to assess the overall environmental impact. One star is entry level above building regulations, and six stars is the highest, reflecting exemplary developments in terms of sustainability.

The sustainability criteria by which new homes are measured are:

  • Energy and CO2 Emissions - Operational Energy and resulting emissions of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere
  • Water - The consumption of potable water from the public supply systems or other ground water resources
  • Materials - The environmental impact of construction materials for key construction elements
  • Surface Water Run-off - The change in surface water run-off patterns as a result of the development
  • Waste - Waste generated as a result of the construction process and facilities encouraging recycling of domestic waste in the home
  • Pollution - Pollution resulting from the operation of the dwelling
  • Health and Well-Being - The effects that the dwelling's design and indoor environment has on its occupants
  • Management - Steps that have been taken to allow good management of the environmental impacts of the construction and operation of the home
  • Ecology - The impact of the dwelling on the local ecosystem, bio-diversity and land use

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