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Solar-Bioclimatic Architecture

What is passive solar-bioclimatic architecture?

The bioclimatic architecture, deals with the proper design of buildings and outdoor spaces, taking into account the particular circumstances of each region, such as climate, orientation, and in many cases the ground.

In particular, studying the microclimate, solar radiation based on the position of the sun and air currents prevailing in the region, we can calculate the size, location and type of exposure, proper insulation and the location of the blinds.

Designing the building so that it will function like a living organism, we reserve the right temperature indoors, so as to achieve maximum energy savings.

How do we design a green house?

To design a green house, we take into account the principles of bioclimatic designing  and the needs of the owner in order to create the perfect home.

The green house has a wooden frame, walls with low power consumption and integrated grid fotovoltaic system.

The design has been developed by the architectural segment, given your style and needs, in a program simulating the climate of each region.

Finally, the construction is carried out by experienced and specialized team under the supervision of our engineers, in a very short time.


• A bioclimatic house has almost no energy losses.

• 80-90% less cost for cooling and heating.

• Low cost of construction.

• There are no restrictions on the design and the construction.

• The exterior walls can have a variety of decorative elements (f.e. stone), so it can be adapted to the local architecture of the area (the style of the village, island style, modern style).

• Resistant to earthquakes, measuring 8.5 and upwards, on the Richter scale.

• The frame and the walls are highly resistant to fire.

• Because of the wooden frame, the construction has been described as bioclimatic, according to Eurocode 5, from universities in Europe and America.

• The construction cost is calculated exactly, from the designing phase.

• Short construction time. The green house is ready at no later than 3 months.

• Construction has been certified as energy class A.

• It is very easy to extend the construction in the future, if needed.

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