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Insurance Services

Choosing to sell or buy a property via a professional Real Estate Consultancy is an important decision. As is asking someone to help you with a loan or to provide you with insurance services.   

Both cases involve decisions that may affect your life as a whole. As a result it is not just your wish, but your desire to receive sincere and reliable information. This is exactly what you have when you choose Talos for Insurance Services. 

There are many companies in Greece offering insurances but Talos has selected the market leader, which is in operation since 1891 and is affiliated to the National Bank of Greece.  Taking a step further we do not just recommend insurance brokers. Members of our Talos team have already been registered as insurance brokers and receive the official permit to operate as one. In this way one of us becomes your insurance broker and you receive the advantage of personalized service combined with the security of the largest insurance company in Greece.  Below you may find a brief description of some of the services we can provide you with.

 • For your home in Greece: Total house protection programs

There are different covers available in order to provide insurance of your property at all times. From fire, earthquake, lightning, explosion and breakage of water pipes, damages to the property from breaking and entry to coverage of various types of expenses. For example, loss of income from rental, transportation costs, hotel accommodation - and many more.  Let us know your wishes and we will suggest to you the insurance package that will secure your property, whether it is your house, your holiday home or your investment.

• For your business in Greece: Insuring your source of income

Many people have started a new type of business in Greece. With relatively low cost you can insure your business from all possible dangers. From fire, breaking and entry, explosion to responsibility to third parties from having a business, damages by third parties, breakage of water pipes, etc.   We will listen carefully to your needs and wishes and always recommend the best way to protect your source of live hood.

• For your car or bike in Greece: Full covers available

One of the most common things is unfortunately road or vehicle related accidents. Fortunately when you select us for your insurance you can be sure that someone will be with you at that time of need. Ask us for the available insurance programs which offer all types of coverage in quite competitive prices. By choosing us you will not have to depend on the insurance company of someone else for your compensation.

• Your life, your health, your loved ones and your retirement:  Security in every step you take

There are ways to insure quality of life for you and your loved ones as well as the funds and quality health care you may need at any point. The cost is minimal when compared with the benefits offered. Just ask us for more information on how you can feel more secure no matter what happens when you are living in Greece.  

For any inquiries please do not hesitate to contact us at

tel: 0030 6977815496

North America Offices: +1 647 466-5326, +1 647 466-4720

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