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If you are looking to sell or rent your property, look no further!

Talos Properties is here to make sure your property will be handled and promoted with professionalism and the out most care. Many home owners have taken advantage of our high expertise and the full promotion of their property with our internet marketing techniques.

Why should I use a REALTOR® to sell my house?

Do you know, objectively, the probable sale price of your house?
Have you seen all the comparable 'For Sale' properties and made comparisons as to what your house has and what they offered?
Do you have the negotiation skills required to complete a real estate transaction?
Are you confident in selling your most valuable asset on your own?

Some sellers have attempted to sell their houses privately; but, statistics show that many learn that the best price obtained was through the use of a Realtor®.

A real estate company who is a member of the local real estate board is able to expose your property to the world.  If you were selling your home on your own then only those that happen to drive by or happen to see the local newspaper may find out that you are selling your home.  Like in purchasing a home, the 3 key factors are location, location and location; while with selling it is, exposure, exposure and exposure.

A real estate broker provides many services such as staging your home, determining the probable sale price and thus the best asking price, develop the best marketing plan, provide the best exposure to tell buyers from all over the world that your house is for sale and of course act on your behalf to find the buyer, negotiate the price and be with you during all aspects of the sale.

Steps in Selling Your House:

  • Call your real estate sales person
  • A Listing Agreement is prepared and signed.
  • Other media advertising takes place.
  • An Agreement of Purchase and Sale is obtained and presented to you along with your sales person.

We are here to help you every step of the way, with conditions that meet your needs. Your best interests is our priority.

 Talos properties agency fee is 2% from the seller. This percentage is calculated on the agreed selling price excluding all other purchasing costs. For properties priced or agreed for less than 75.000 Euros the fee is a fixed amount of 1500 Euros. 23% VAT is also added on this fee which is forwarded by Talos to the Greek State.

tel: 0030 6977815496

North America Offices: +1 647 466-5326, +1 647 466-4720

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