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Purchase Procedure:

Can Foreigners buy property in Greece?

Yes, as Greece has been in the European Union since 1983 and the restrictions imposed for security purposes on foreigners owning property were lifted in 1992.

What are the taxes and expenses involved in purchasing property?

The total expenses are forecast at around 10% to purchase property. This covers your attorney fees, notary fees and purchase taxes. Purchase expenses are paid only once when buying property.

What is the purchase procedure for property here in Greece?

The purchase procedure is very simple and straight forward here in Greece. Once you have selected your property you appoint a lawyer (An English speaking property lawyer can be recommended if you like, by us) to act on your behalf once power of attorney has been given.

Your attorney will check that your property is legal and free of any debts. Once this is finalized your attorney will obtain your local tax number on your behalf, required in Greece in order to purchase property.

Completion of the process normally takes between 4-6 weeks.

The final contract can be signed on your behalf by your attorney in front of the public notary.

Is there Land Registry?

Yes, there is land registry with a very detailed set of deeds which establishes ownership of the property according to Greek law.

Ι. Sfakianaki 30, 73 100

Telephone: 28210 47170 - 179

How do I know the progress of my home?

Talos keeps you updated with frequent reports on the progress of your house, along with digital photographs from start to completion.

Do you have an After-Sales department?

After you have purchased your property we can introduce you to the local market and guide you with the furniture, white goods, house/garden management and advise on interior decoration.

How does payment work?

All payment is divided into stages to suit the needs of the clients. All money transactions are transfer to your attorney and are released to us only with your authorization. In order to reserve s property a 10% down payment is required.

Do you have Rentals?

Yes, we can help you find accommodation for full or short term according to your needs due to our extensive network.

How is the Weather and Climate in Crete?

The climate in Crete is categorised by meteorologists as temperate Mediterranean.  This means that summer is typically hot and dry in Crete with almost no rainfall, but winter is mild and wet with almost no snowfall.

Why buy off plan?

Buying off plan simply means purchasing a property from architects' drawings, as opposed to a finished building. Typically these drawings are presented in the form of a sales brochure from the developer. Planning permission will have been granted, but the building work will not have been completed.

This is usually the most cost effective way of purchasing a property. To a developer, time is money. Developers want to sell their product quickly and will therefore price their product accordingly. The quicker they can finance and build their development, the quicker they can take their profit and start the process all over again. This is one of the main reasons property investors buy off plan. Below are some other reasons why you should seriously consider off plan property as an investment:

  • Staged payments allow you to pay affordable instalments, thus avoiding the need to arrange a mortgage or lay out all your capital in one go.
  • Past experiences suggest your property will usually appreciate in value during the construction phase.
  • Developers purchase their building materials in bulk, therefore passing the savings on to you.
  • It is easier and cheaper to customize the property during the construction phase.
  • While your home is under construction you‘ll be informed about every stage of the building process. We'll telephone you and email photos on a regular basis.

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