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Is this a good time to buy property abroad and more specifically in Crete?

In the Greek newspaper "Kiriakatiki Eleutherotipia" of Sunday, 23rd of March 2008 the writer G. Aggeli places a straight forward question "Should I buy a property now or not?". The answer given is probably swiss replica watches no surprise: Most experienced analysts would say that it depends on the property and on the area. The so called commercial sizes of 70 to 80 square meters at areas where demand is high are unlikely to decrease in price. One of the reasons being that construction costs increase year after year and builders or developers do not seem willing to sell for less.

The real estate market on the island of Crete in Greece and more specifically in the area of Chania involves a location where demand is high for a number of years now and one can find properties that are built according to high quality standards and designs. replica handbags As a result despite the recent events in the world economy the number of people from Crete and beyond seeking for a villa or a home in Chania today is steady.

At the same time the developers and constructors in Crete know that they must restrain price increases so that they do not put people off. This mere fact, makes purchasing a property in Crete even more attractive now since the location is ever popular while the prices are still reasonable. So whether one is looking for a holiday home, a retirement villa or an replica omega investment property with high commercial value, these can be found in Chania and the best thing is that they can be found for quite reasonable prices.

Nektaria Kladitis is a Greek Canadian who has lived in Canada, Greece and England, acquiring a Bachelor of Arts, a Masters of Science as well as years of experience in properties overseas. Nektaria is also the creator of the property consultancy - Talos Properties.

Talos properties was created in order to guide and protect all of you who wish to acquire your dream property in Crete, the island that has been loved by Gods and humans alike throughout the centuries. When you choose Talos Properties for the search of your property in Crete we can offer you further advice on financial and other matters. For more information please access the Talos Properties website at:

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