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Client Review by Chris Peachment

Andreas and his wife Ria will find you the home you want, at the price you want. That much is the least you would expect from an estate agent, although he does it very efficiently, quickly and much better than any estate agent I have encountered in the UK. He also oversaw the legal process and search because we needed to be in the flat in a hurry. We were living in the flat within a month of agreeing the sale, which here in Crete is probably a record.


But where he really excels is in something which I have never encountered in other estate agents and that is  “after sales service”.  We had bought the flat from a construction company and it had been lying empty for the four years since it had been built, thanks to the slump in the Greek economy. Consequently there was a lot in the flat that needed repairing or replacing, from the front door locks that needed renewing, a wall that needed re-plastering, and the bath plugs which didn't fit.


Andreas acted as go-between for us with the company, which was a great help as he and his Greek-Canadian wife speak good English as well as Greek. They joined us at the bank to help put through financial transactions. And he even found me some logs and taught me how to start a log fire.


Both he and his wife are immensely helpful and friendly, and a real asset when you are buying a home in a foreign country where you don't necessarily understand local practices.  



Chris Peachment

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