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Why wait when you can change your life today? You can live better and longer in Crete.

Obtaining a better quality of life is probably easier than one may think

It is one of these days when you feel that you had a tough day at work while the whole world seems to be against you. You are walking in a busy street and there is not a single person smiling. Dark grey clouds have covered the sky and the cold is so strong you can feel it in your bones. Maybe you can make it to your car without getting too wet.

You are on your way home - yet it seems like this traffic was put there to make the journey last forever. You have tried the bus or similar mass transportation at times but you were so tired that you fell asleep and missed your stop. At least if you are driving in traffic, sleeping is not an option. It is Friday night and people go out but that is the last thing on your mind after being stressed out for the week. You just want to go home and try to relax. Talk to no one or if you must talk, say as little as possible. You are just worn out. At the same time money seems to be never enough these days, while long hours do not necessarily increase your earnings. It is at moments like this when that thought comes in your mind once again:"I wish I could live somewhere else.... I wish I had a different life..."

Who said that it is not an option? Personal dissatisfaction is the primary source of international real estate. There are so many places in the Mediterranean where anyone can have a better quality of life. Crete in Greece is one of them.

A natural question is "Why Crete?"

First of all, in Crete you can probably have a more comfortable home than the one you are living in at the moment. There are villas sold for just 150,000.00 euros and apartments or town houses for just 100,000.00 euros. Going out for lunch or dinner with starters, a main course, half a kilo of home made wine as well as desert for two people at a local traditional restaurant 'taverna' rarely costs more than 25 to 30 euro. Some may ask what the food tastes like. Crete due to its climate has excellent produce of olive oil, vegetables and free range animals. There is such a variety of vegetarian and meat dishes that it is hard for any one to be left unsatisfied.

Then you have the location and the climate. The weather in Crete is by far the best in Greece. With more than 300 days of sunshine per year and a summer that lasts for more than six months. At the same time there are so many places and especially in the Chania region where you can walk on a beach or at the old Venetian port by the sea and be able to see olive groves and snow caped mountain peaks. Most beaches earn year after year the European Union blue flag symbolizing their safety and sparkling clean waters.

However, there is the issue of communication. Let us face the facts. How many master the Greek language? In Crete tourism is a major source of income for the local economy and as a result the majority of people speak at least English. At the same time the fact that Cretans are so hospitable makes tourism a natural result of their way of life.

Not to mention that there is a great number of non Greek nationals living in Crete already. There is even an International Community association organizing activities and bazaars. Not to mention that Greece is one of these blessed places where films are not dubbed. In the Chania region there are at least 8 winter screens and two summer open cinema theatres where watching a film is an experience in itself.

Crete is not the place to stay in and watch television. If you wish to do that  though, even the Greek T.V. channels have a number of international shows while naturally you can always have a satellite dish installed.

Of course when you are on the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean there are so many gorges, beaches, villages and mountains to explore that even people that live here for their whole life have not seen every corner of this unique place.

If you are looking for a place to buy your holiday place and maybe future retirement home, Crete is also the place to be. But as wise cultures have commented in the past: "I do not understand people from the West. They spend their whole lives working and exhausting themselves so that they can start living at 65, when they retire".

So imagine your self opening your balcony door in the morning and feeling the sun beams softly touching your skin when a slight breeze brings you the aroma of olive groves while you can see green mountains and the bright light blue sea under a clear sky. This is what Crete - and probably life - is really all about.

Nektaria Kladitis is a Greek Canadian who has lived in Canada, Greece and England, acquiring a Bachelor of Arts, a Masters of Science as well as years of experience in properties overseas. Nektaria is also the creator of the property consultancy - Talos Properties.

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