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Saturday 13th of February - Monday 15th of February 2010: Join the party!

Carnival festivities are dated back to Ancient Greece as part of god Dionysus celebrations. They have been connected to Christian orthodox tradition without being a formal part of it. However at the end of festivities is Cleansing Monday which is the beginning of lent for Christian Orthodox and ends after Easter when resurrection takes place.

Below you may find a few of the carnival events organized mainly in Chania municipality. The majority of events organized are free to attend and invite you to buy or make your own costume, wear a mask and enter a world of fun! Remember in Greece it is also a tradition on Cleansing Monday, which is 15th of February this year, to fly a kite!

Souda Carnival 2010, Souda

Saturday 13th of February, 11:00 in the morning: Children's costume party at the Public Navy-athletic Center of Souda with animators. Join a party with Minnie, Mickey and play with clowns. Sweet treats from the jolly cook will be offered while all are invited to dance. Organized by Souda City hall. Free entrance.

Sunday 14th of February, 17:30: Carnival parade and fireworks at Souda square with awards for best costumes, presents and lots of dancing. King Carnival chariot is going to be floating in Souda port when set on fire to mark the beginning of a big party!

Cleansing Monday, 15th of February, 12 noon: At Koule fortress at Aptera village, kite flying and buffet with lent dishes and wine! Live traditional Cretan music and dance.

4th year - Akrotiri Carnival: Akrotiri  area, Chania

Sunday 14th of February, 12 noon: Chariots and costumed teams parade starting from the Polytechnic University to the centre of Kounoupidiana village. Sweet presents are going to be given from chariots to people attending.

After the end of the parade a big party will take place at Kounoupidiana square with lots of music and dancing!

Cleansing Monday 15th of February, Stavros village:

  • a) From 10 in the morning at Stavros beach

Kite competition: Whoever gets his kite higher wins!

Buffet of healthy lent dishes and plenty of wine for everybody!

Live traditional Greek and Cretan music!

  • b) 17:30, Stavros square: The camel chariot parade will begin from Stavros village to Sternes village at Saint Antonios square. At the square the camel chariot will be set on fire and around it there will be dancing with plenty of wine and lent dishes until the sun rise!

16th Vatolakos Carnival 2010, Vatolakos village

Sunday 14th of February, 16:00: Carnival parade co organized by the children of the families living in Vatolakos village. A small train will offer free transport between Alikianos village and Vatolakos village for those who will park their cars outside the village. Clowns will entertain younger children while a bouncing castle will be available for free for all children. Following the parade a dancing party will commence.  

Kissamos Carnival 2010, Kissamos town, Kastelli

Saturday 13th of February, early morning: Treasure Hunt

Sunday 14th of February, 15:00 in the afternoon: Parade of themed chariots and costumed teams.

Cleansing Monday, 15th of February: Noon, Free brunch, wine and raki at Kissamos beach, next to the stadium.

19th Palaiochora Carnival, Palaiochora, Carnival committee tel. 28230 83029, Paleochora,

Saturday 13th of February, 17:30: Carnival parade. Bring your own costumes and teams or join ours by ringing the telephone number above. Plenty of costumes available!

Sunday 14th of February, 14:00: Main carnival parade

Cleansing Monday, 15th of February, from early in the morning: Kite flying and buffet with lent dishes and wine at Grammenos beach!

Rethymno Carnival 2010, Rethymno city - The 2nd biggest carnival in Greece!

Saturday 13th of February, 21:00 in the evening: Evening carnival parade ending with a large party at Rethymno city center! Rock live music at the city center during the party.

Sunday 14th of February, 14:00: Main large carnival parade

18:30 Rethymno beach, a large fire ends the parade and starts an all night party!

Cleansing Monday, 15th of February, Mikrasiaton square, Rethymno city, 12 noon: Greek traditional celebration with dancers and live music from various Greek cities.

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