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Buying a home and living in Crete: Property owners express their opinion on why they chose Chania

Ten years ago people from abroad looking for property in Crete were not that many. However, real estate develops and today it is quite a popular destination. Among the reasons attracting villa and property seekers in a place, is its unique character and natural landscape. Therefore, a question is generated: what happens today, when most areas have more and more houses built not for locals but other nationalities too?

In an article published in the local Cretan newspaper "Haniotika Nea" on the 19th of April, 2008, the testimony of Tony and Mary Shuttleworth is featured, a couple from Wales in Britain. Tony and Mary bought a property in the area of Apokoronas and moved into their property on January 2008.

Tony said "We had visited other places in Spain, Portogual and Turkey but this was the one. We were coming to Crete for holidays for ten years. When we retired, we decided that we wanted to live here permanently. First of all, people here are special and friendly. We recall the day we were expecting some of our belongings to arrive from Wales and the banks were closed so we could not withdraw money to pay the transport company. They delivered them to us and said not to worry about it and that we can pay them whenever we have the money. This is something that would never happen in England!"

Mary also added that "Of course the weather is excellent as well". Tony agreed and mentioned that when he sent some photographs from his house to some friends from the south, the snow caped mountains could be seen, while from the north laid the sea and Souda Bay. "My friends were amazed on how a single place can enjoy a winter view combined with a summer view."

Another aspect in which they both agreed was security. "Criminality in Crete is so low compared to England. Additionally, in the village we can find most of the things we need while the city of Chania is only 20km away". Originally most people they knew told them they could not understand how they could leave their families and home town to move to Crete. Now they tell them they are very lucky to live in a place with such excellent weather conditions. Many, still ask them "Is it worth it?". Tony and Mary answer: "Yes but you need to be careful when selecting the company you are going to work with. We also recommend coming here for holidays first and then in deciding if it suits you".

Another interesting aspect is supplied by some local neighbors and friends of Tony and Mary: Vasili and Eleni. Eleni says "The majority of the people coming here become part of the local society by building relationships and learning the traditions, customs and even the language. They are also impressed by things like the Free State owned Health or Medical Center services offered. In their home countries they were used to paying for everything".

From the above, it becomes obvious that the real estate development has not tempered with the Cretan spirit or its culture. At the same time the strict legislation confining building outside housing plan has helped in maintaining with the originality of the landscape.

However, the article in "Haniotika Nea" also mentions how there has been an increase in complaints from international citizens who bought new build houses from construction companies and are facing problems.

This is where Real Estate offices may supply substantial help to all property seekers with additional options of key ready houses or advice on how to deal with construction companies. They may also operate as an additional local communication channel for the home owner. So buying a property and living in Chania, Crete, either permanently or for holidays, can be an excellent experience as long as you choose the right persons to help you do it.

Nektaria Kladitis is a Greek Canadian who has lived in Canada, Greece and England, acquiring a Bachelor of Arts, a Masters of Science as well as years of experience in properties overseas. Nektaria is also the creator of the property consultancy - Talos Properties.

Talos properties was created in order to guide and protect all of you who wish to acquire a property in Crete via offering you a wide range of choices as well as professional advice in property related matters and tips on how to enjoy life in Crete.

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